Website Development encompasses talking to you about your needs, evaluating your current business and determining how this will best fit into an online presence.
It is a crucial phase where we qualify the project information rendered by client and envision the requirements into practical plans. Our developing team with their in-depth technical expertise analyzes the requirements to create a detailed master plan. We plan perfectly in this phase as overall scope and the steps, like development, design, testing, cost estimation, deployment, delivery, are individually submitted for the client's approval here. The discovery phase culminates once the project details are approved by the client.

Developing architecture and design solutions is initiated which identifies the project team structure and team members' responsibilities. We realize developing and deploying the design ideas is crucial as it is the stage where the envisioned strategy is placed into practicality. Our expert designers with forward thinking formulate perfect design document deciding the components required for development phase. The well-thought and executed designing solutions by our designers are implemented on the wire-frames to demonstrate a virtual performance for client's sign-off.
We’ll place this in a temporary location online for you to have a look at and then discuss with you any changes you wish to make. Once the design concept is finalised we can then move on to constructing the website.

We realize the significance of this phase as we conceptualize logical, and design solutions and map them to practical perfection here. Our expertise development team analyzes the plans for stabilizing, migrating, OS, and budget based on the complexity of the project. The master development plan created by us consolidates the team featured, role of members, guidelines for project completion, etc. We also create database objects, add functionality, unit test for quality here to cater a brilliant complete development solution.
we will create the website based on the graphic design concept and continually place it in the temporary location for you to monitor its progress.

The master plan developed by development team is deployed here. We migrate the product or application on a test server and our technically proficient testing team with their brand-new technology and tools accomplishes a rigorous functionality, compatibility, usability, and performance testing (both manually and automated) concerning the scalability, security, and performance on the product or application developed. Eventually we deliver an augmented product or application with unsurpassed quality and forward-looking features to the client.
We then optimize the website for cross browser compatibility, Google Search Engines and website statistics. The website is then uploaded to its final location on payment finalization.