Our Vision

Our vision is to continue helping you unlock and realize your business potential. We are well positioned to take advantage of any current and future business opportunities with our remarkable assets and strengths. We have the team, the plan, and the foundation to bring success to all of our client and projects.

Our Mission

Since 2006, QTS has serviced over 300+ customers worldwide and continues to grow by improving our quality and customer service. QTS's goal is to become the world's most reliable web service provider.
As a premier web company, we ensure that customer care is our number one priority. We listen to our customers and strive to build strong relationships with them to grow our businesses together. QTS is committed to providing innovative and effective web services that meet the ever changing demands of business.

Why choose us ?

We value a good experience, and unlike many software developers, the experience we provide is a road most of our clients happily walk again. With our project and task management systems, high levels of communication and ability to change direction with your business desires, the experience of working with QTS is more up close and supportive.
We have worked remotely and delivered effectively with over 40 websites and a dozen complex projects. As a result we have enjoyed using and integrating a number of technologies resulting in solutions that can change or move along with the clients desires. At QTS we are proud of our track record in maintaining repeat business.